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David Yancey, was born and raised in Newport News. He is a 1990 graduate of Peninsula Catholic High School, and a 1995 graduate of the University of Georgia, where he received his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and History.

In 2001 David returned to Newport News to work in his family’s real estate business and a few years later he started his own real estate development company.

Throughout the next decade David continued to grow his business, expanding to commercial fishing with a new business partner on the Eastern Shore.

David holds professional licenses from the Commonwealth of Virginia in Real Estate, Contracting, and Commercial Fishing.

In 2011, David was appointed to the City of Newport News Mayor’s Efficiency Task Force on city government. This one-year task force was a citizen committee designed to look at innovative ways to improve the role of government in Newport News. David worked with city employees to find ways to improve services and reduce costs for the city.

In addition, the task force looked for ways to encourage local job growth and investment in the community by small businesses.

The experiences that David had on this task force were part of the foundation for his future work in the General Assembly working to develop the economy and reduce bureaucracy for companies seeking to expand or relocate in Virginia.

Education is a key issue for David, he sees it as the cornerstone to a robust economy and improving the lives of young people. In 2011, David was also appointed to serve on the Newport News Education Foundation, where he participated in events that were designed to improve the education of students in the public schools as well as engage local businesses in the education system. The experiences he had during this time proved invaluable. Once elected to the House of Delegates, David was appointed to the Education Committee. As a result, he has been able to represent our schools in Richmond with first hand knowledge of their needs.

In the General Assembly, David serves on the House Transportation, Education, and the Commerce and Labor Committees. In 2017 he was appointed chairman of the subcommittee that oversees legislation governing the Department of Motor Vehicles.
In addition, David is the current Chairman of the Governor’s Aerospace Advisory Committee. He represents Newport News on the Hampton Roads Transportation Planning Organization and the Hampton Roads Transportation Accountability Commission, both of which oversee transportation projects throughout the entire Hampton Roads area.

During the year, David is a volunteer Rugby Coach for the Newport News High School Rugby Football Club and the local Rugby Foundation. He has previously served as a Board member of the Virginia Rugby Union and past President of the Newport News Rugby Football Club, where he also started coaching. As a coach, he stresses the importance of staying in school and seeking a well-rounded education to be successful in the workforce.

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